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now this is progress!

treat a friend to a beer by sms

buy me a beer!
now there will be no more excuses when you say 'thanks - i owe you one' but never actually get round to buying your friend a    drink. launched in london, buymeabeer.com sends your friend a drink gift voucher by sms, reports mike grenville for 160characters.org.

«the service called buymeabeer.com which means that you don't have to be in the same bar, town, city or even country as your  mate to treat them to a drink

so in order to send your mate a drink, you choose one from a website. then u enter their mobile number, your message, then pay. it's that simple. the service then sends a simple text to your friend, with details of the gift, for them to show at the bar which processes the code immediately as a live transaction with nothing to redeem at a later date.

the service is running in all eleven corney & barrow wine bars throughout london and discussions are in progress with three other major retailers and five major beverage brands.

originally posted by emily @ textually.org.