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both sides now

tears and fears and feeling proud
to say i love you right out loud
dreams and schemes and circus crowds
i’ve looked at life that way

but now old friends are acting strange
they shake their heads, they say i’ve changed
well something’s lost, but something’s gained
in living ev’ry day

~joni mitchell, both sides now
featured in the brilliant film, love actually*

* yes, brilliant (with exceptions) despite opinion of nyt reviewer a.o. scott that it's rather «an indigestible christmas pudding from the british whimsy factory responsible for such reasonably palatable confections as "four weddings and a funeral," (brilliant) "notting hill" (funny) and "bridget jones's diary" (ok). a romantic comedy swollen to the length of an oscar-trolling epic — nearly two and a quarter hours of cheekiness, diffidence and high-toned smirking — richard curtis's film is more like a record label's greatest-hits compilation or a "very special" sitcom clip-reel show than an actual movie». ugh. here's a more balanced review.

note that some of the very best in this film ended up on the cutting room floor, but fortunately there's a splendid deleted scenes feature on the dvd. don't miss it!