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Let's see the dead terrorist's pictures

There seems to be a debate on whether the US government should release photographs of the dead monster Osama Bin Laden... I would actually like to see the operation video and watch him get shot in the head and chest. There's nothing morbid about this desire. My point is that every single time a victim has fallen to Muslim/Arab/Islamist terrorism the world has seen pictures of Muslims and Arabs and others DANCING in the streets. We may claim we hold a higher moral ground and the like, but showing these cultures what happens when they target our freedom, progress, modernity, civilisation, integrity and way of life and kill civilians and military alike is of utmost importance. People in these culture don't believe what you don't show them.

When I covered the Japanese Embassy hostage crisis as a journalist years ago in Lima, Perú, I learned first-hand what some nations expect when terrorists are eradicated. After Peruvian forces stormed the Embassy compund to free the hostages from the claws of MRTA terrorists, Peruvians DEMANDED they be shown the dead bodies of the terrorists. The media showed President Fujimori walking among the dead bodies right where they perished and nobody said it was wrong or in bad taste. The nation wanted to KNOW the terrorists had really died. And the peopley wanted them dead. Not captured. They didn't want trials. They wanted to END the terrorism which had held their nation hostage for decades claiming countless innocent victims.

Now we have accomplished a similar feat. The head of a snake has been cut off and as far as I'm concerned it should be seen by all interested. We should also continue to show earned and well-deserved celebrations. Yes, it's time for US to dance in the streets.

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