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Well done, Australia!

Australia's opposition Labour Party under Kevin Rudd has won a sweeping general election victory, removing PM John Howard (a Bush ally) after an 11-year term.

Rudd has promised to withdraw Australia's 1.575 troops from Iraq starting in mid-2008 and vowed to start work this very week on ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and strengthening workers' rights.

Profile of the 2007 federal election:
    More than 13,5 million of Australia's roughly 21 million people had registered to vote.
    Electors were to choose candidates for all 150 seats in the lower House of Representatives and 40 of the 76 seats in the upper house, the Senate.
    PM John Howard had led the conservative Liberal-National party coalition to four election wins since 1996.
    Kevin Rudd was taking the centre-left Labor Party to the polls for the first time as leader.
    Election issues were the economy, environment and war in Iraq.