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the mylo cometh

AFP reports that sony will market the mylo (standing for my life online), a palm-sized, first-of-its-kind wireless broadband device that would allow users to exchange online voice and text messages, browse the internet and listen to music.

the oblong-shaped mylo should be available in the US, in black or white, starting in september for round US$350. the device features a 6,1-centimetre (2,4-inch) colour liquid crystal display with a slide-out thumb keyboard and comes embedded with instant messaging services such as Google Talk, Skype and Yahoo Messenger and so will allow internet-based calls and online chatting services for users without paying service fees or signing mobile phone contracts.

the mylo can scan for available wireless networks and its HTML browser lets users connect to full web pages as well as send e-mails.

the gadget has a built-in speaker for listening to music stored in its one-gigabyte flash memory, which can also store digital pictures.