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a poem: «loss loved me»

loss loved me, and suddenly: loss loved me not.
i tried to be winsome, i tried following

my father's rule: be aloof if you want to allure!
i loaded my speech with emptiness.

i let him kneel at my feet with a flame.
i played goddess to his supplicant.

i smiled as he stalked me
but tilted my head in sadness, deceptively.

still he left, and now what? it's spring—
and worse—there is no wind

and i am nothing without the wind
and i am even less in the too-bright sun.

i said goodbye to my white-haired love
who kissed me with his tongue.

i said, «goodbye. goodbye. the attention was fun».
he said, «not to worry, girl—it's only just begun».

~loss loved me by kathryn maris

via Slate Magazine.