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It is not yet clear to me exactly how the evens unfolded on 16 August when thirty-four people were killed after police opened fire on striking miners at a South African mine. The demonstrators may have not only seemed menacing (I understand they were armed) but also on the verge of attack. The incident definitely brings back memories of a time when fatal shootings by government forces was a rather too common instrument of oppression in South Africa. So I post this insightful cartoon by the great Zapiro reserving judgement on whether this was a massacre or a necessity of sorts.

Nyabonga, SW

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Quotation of the Week

«Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.»
(I will either find a way or make one.)

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Behold the Hand

Maurizio Cattelan, "L.O.V.E.," 2010

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This is just an example of the unbelievably stupid statements Republican politicians have made recently in the United States. The sad fact is that most get away with it. The media hardly ever takes them to task on these subjects as enormous segments of the American public are understood to be as ignorant as the people who govern.

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