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more ignorant theist nonsense

i just learned that an idiotic and ridiculous catholic priest in, surprise, surprise, South Carolina has decided that parishioners who voted for Barack Obama are not entitled to the «grace of jesus christ» through communion until they've done penance.

this is already enough for the man's church to loose its tax-exempt status and for free-thinkers to rise in revolt and offence at this example of the stupidity of faith, religion and the religious.

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an anonymous thought

«Blessed are the cracked,
for it is they who let in the light».




a friend informed me recently that sexual position 69 is now called 96 due to inflation. the cost of eating out has gone up...



congratulations america!

The Sydney Morning News Cover

«yes we can» and «yes we did».

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a day to go

«[...] only [1] days until I get to A) tell McCain and Palin to go pound a railroad spike and B) give the worst president in American history the middle finger. Bush still has 2,5 months to destroy the world which doesn't sound like much time but you know he's working as hard he can to achieve that goal.»
~mgamber @ this entry

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