arcana imperii :: the book of j


quotation of the week

«if the phone doesn't ring, it's me»
~jimmy buffett



quotation of the week

«más vale borracho conocido, que alcohólico anónimo»
~unknown to me


«better a known drunk than an anonymous alcoholic»
~unknown to me



inspiration 2

«keep on looking
you keep on searching
you keep on moving
and you get a little further
you keep on trusting
you keep on hoping
you keep on facing your faith [fears] just to keep on growing

just try... try... you just try

keep on wondering
you keep on asking
keep on reaching
keep on taking chances
keep on longing
you keep on dreaming
keep on doing what you do
never give up believing [in yourself]

just try... try... you just try
you just try... try... just try

maybe your world shakes
you try to hold on
maybe your heart breaks
just keep on loving
maybe you'll find out
it's meant to be this way
maybe you'll learn this
or maybe we'll learn this

keep embracing each day
keep on yearning
keep on making mistakes just to keep on learning
keep on giving; you keep on wanting
keep on fighting just get up every morning
and try... try... just try
you just try... try... just try
you just try... you just try... just try»

~try, sidsel endresen/j

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